Previous IFPA-Fletcher Conferences

National Security Strategy and Policy:
Planning for and Responding to Threats to the U.S. Homeland

October 28-29, 2004
Ronald Reagan Building
and International Trade Center
Washington, D.C.

Speakers (in Alphabetical Order)

Dr. David M. Abshire, President, Center for the Study of the Presidency, and former United States Ambassador to NATO - session 6

Dr. Graham T. Allison, Jr., Douglas Dillon Professor of Government and Director, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University - session 1

Lieutenant General Edward G. Anderson III, USA (Ret.), Principal, Booz Allen Hamilton, and former Deputy Commander, United States Northern Command - session 3

Lieutenant General H. Steven Blum, USA, Chief, National Guard Bureau - session 4

Ambassador Stephen W. Bosworth, Dean, The Fletcher School, Tufts University - session 6

The Honorable Lisa Bronson, Deputy Under Secretary for Technology Security Policy and Counterproliferation and Director, Defense Technology - session 6** Unable to attend conference

Vice Admiral Terry Cross, USCG, Vice Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard - session 4

Shana Dale, Chief of Staff and General Counsel, Office of Science and Technology Policy - session 7

Dr. Jacquelyn K. Davis, Executive Vice President, Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis

Ambassador John Dinger, Deputy Coordinator for Counter Terrorism, Department of State - session 6

Brig. Gen. Lloyd E. Dodd, USAF, Command Surgeon, U.S. Northern Command - session 5

The Honorable Stephen M. Duncan, Director, Institute for Homeland Security Studies, National Defense University - session 3

Edward A. Flynn, Secretary of Public Safety, Commonwealth of Massachusetts - session 3 ** Unable to attend conference

Dr. Stephen E. Flynn, Jeane J. Kirkpatrick Senior Fellow in National Security Studies, Council on Foreign Relations - session 1

Dr. Charles Gallaway, Director, Chemical Biological Defense Directorate, Defense Threat Reduction Agency - session 5

Andrew Howell, Vice President, Homeland Security, U.S. Chamber of Commerce - session 3

Dr. James M. Hughes, M.D., Director, National Center for Infectious Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - session 5

Lieutenant General Joseph R. Inge, USA, Deputy Commander, U.S. Northern Command - session 4

Dr. Dale Klein, Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Nuclear and Chemical and Biological Defense Programs - session 7

Patrick Libbey, Executive Director, National Association of County and City Health Officials - session 5

Paul M. Longsworth, Deputy Administrator for Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation, National Nuclear Security Administration, Department of Energy - session 7

Major General Timothy J. Lowenberg, Adjutant General of Washington State, Washington Military Department - session 3

Admiral James M. Loy, USCG (Ret.), Deputy Secretary, Department of Homeland Security - session 3

The Honorable Paul McHale, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense - Opening Keynote Address

Michael Noll, Director, J-2, U.S. Northern Command - session 2

Lieutenant General Henry A. Obering III, USAF, Director, Missile Defense Agency - session 4

Dr. Charles M. Perry, Vice President and Director of Studies, Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis - Session 5

Dr. Robert L. Pfaltzgraff, Jr., President, Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis, and Shelby Cullom Davis Professor of International Security Studies, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University - Welcome and Introductions

Dr. Hugo B. Poza, Vice President for Homeland Security, Raytheon Company - session 7

Oscar Rocha, President, The Joaquin Amaro Foundation for Strategic Studies - session 6

Dr. Richard Shultz, Professor of International Politics and Director, International Security Studies Program, The Fletcher School, Tufts University - session 2

John Stammreich, Vice President Homeland Security, Phantom Works, The Boeing Company - session 7

The Honorable Frances Fragos Townsend, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security, Homeland Security Council - Luncheon Address

Russell E. Travers, Deputy Director for Information Sharing and Knowledge Development, Terrorist Threat Integration Center - session 2

Dr. Ivan C.A. Walks, Senior Medical Advisor, E Team, and former Chief Health Officer for the District of Columbia - session 5

Dale Watson, Principal, Booz Allen Hamilton, and former Executive Assistant Director for Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Intelligence, the Federal Bureau of Investigation - session 2

E.C. Whiteside, Head, Weapons of Mass Destruction Center, NATO - session 6

Dr. Lowell L. Wood, Jr., Senior Staff Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and Commissioner, Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack - session 1

R. James Woolsey, Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton, and former Director, Central Intelligence Agency - session 2

Rob Wright, National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister and Associate Secretary - Luncheon Speaker

Dr. Philip D. Zelikow, Director, The Miller Center and White Burkett Miller Professor of History, The University of Virginia and Executive Director, National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States - session 1